METTIQUE x Conceria La Bretagna S.R.L. event

Mettique is a super luxury leather brand brimmed with Thai pride, under the precise care of Met Hengtrakul, founder and designer of the brand. The delicate craftsmanship comes from the mother ship, The Atelier Co., Ltd, which is not only a base for Mettique, but also for the sister brand, Quillberry, that specializes in woven masterpieces. Alongside in presenting the pièce de résistance of Mettique, Mr. Paolo Testi, president of Conceria La Bretagna, is also presenting the partnership of one of the most important keys to Mettique. Came all the way from Italy for the Mettique workshop, Mr. Testi, shared his experiences and innovation of the tannery from his world-class tannery company.

Other than the classic designs and excellent materials, Met Hengtrakul believes that the finest craftsmanship starts within the spirit of the workers. This vision has led to the birth of the luxury exotic brand, Mettique. Being under the roof of The Atelier., Ltd, Mettique has experts who have experiences within the world of sewing and leather for over 25 years. With the know-how of the Atelier masters, led to the creation of products for world-class brands such as the coffee-machine for the Italian coffee, Nespresso; camera cases for Leica, and several leather products for leading hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Capella. In order to ensure the highest level of durability in every product, every paragon of the merchandise is intricately 100% hand sewn. Not only is the quality of craftsmanship of the brand achieved from the hands of refined experts, but also from the usage of the utmost materials that has been curated from all parts to the world. You can discover a selection of the world’s most expensive skins from the largest breed of crocodiles and the most expensive leather in the world; The saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus Porosus selected from Australia; the Crocodylus Niloticus, which can be found roaming through the waters of the Nile River in Africa; to the Alligator Mississippiensis from the flowing water of the Mississippi River. All these three species are considered to be the king of the leathery world. Other rare and unique materials ranging from the African ostrich, python, lizards, aniline French goat, stingray, and Italian cowhide can be found as well. With their classic patterns and polished designs, every of the leathery products can be matched with your every look.

Alongside the usage of astounding leathers, the tannings of the skins are the next step to further guarantee excellency in all products. Mettique uses vegetable tannins from the premium Italian tannery, Conceria La Bretagna, a tanning factory that lies within the heart of Tuscany, who have excelled in this industry since 1961. Vegetable tans assures grace and beauty with every use due to its lack of chemical but rather extracted from nature such as tree barks, leaves, fruits, and vegetable oils; therefore, enhancing the softness and the longevity of the leather.

The president of La Bretagna, Mr. Paolo Testi, was also in attendance to share his experience of the tanning industry from his factory, as well as demonstrating the new innovation of the vegetable tannings that has been integrated into luxury fashion, which are the waterproof vegetable tans. Finding vegetable tannins that is both eco-friendly and waterproof, is something that is considered to be challenging and rare but La Bretagna was able to breakthrough and discover a way to make vegetable tans durable under water. “The beauty around me and the nature of the Tuscan countryside being the source, have influenced and inspired us.” says Mr. Testi. Another main highlight of the Mettique event, led by Met Hengtrakul, is the workshop of a hand sewn leather cardholder guided by Mettique’s stitching connoisseur who have mastered in sewing for over 25 years as well.

Discover Mettique’s timeless love and devotions of the elegant artistry today at the Mettique Flagship store on the 2nd floor of Gaysorn Village.